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Lookout Texans

Bike, Walk, Drive Safely

Look Out Texans is an education campaign aimed at increasing safety for all road users in North Texas.

Learn your rights and responsibilities when walking, biking, or driving and encourage your neighbors, friends, and family to do so as well. Together, we can make our streets safer for everyone!

Look Out Texans is a program of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Transportation Department and Regional Transportation Council, together serving as the metropolitan planning organization for the 12-county Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1974. The MPO works in cooperation with the region’s transportation providers to address the complex transportation needs of the rapidly growing metropolitan area. The campaign is funded by a Texas Department of Transportation transportation enhancement grant awarded through a competitive call for projects.

For more education and resource information about pedestrian and bicycle safety, please visit www.nctcog.org/safetyed.


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